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PoleLed promotes sustainable visible in the dark

PoleLed in 2009 began developing in-house by a unique lighting system to illuminate flags and banners. In the meantime, the lighting system is made up of two embodiments of which there are at this time already in the thousands of stand field. The PoleLed PoleLed Basic and Extended. Among other McDonald’s, Van der Valk, Burger King, Landal Green Parcs, IKEA and dozens of municipalities and supermarkets currently make use of this sustainable lighting flag.

Customized solutions

As a spin-off of the project at the town of Rotterdam, the PoleLed Diluvio and PoleLed Amplio designed. The Diluvio is a spotlight of 45 Watt which was created to replace CDM-T 150W luminaires. The Amplio is a solid wall-washer / ledlijn of 30 and 60cm. Also for the World Museum in Rotterdam is a new fixture, the FrameLED developed. An aluminum ledlijn, waterproof cast with a diameter of 39 millimeters bad. Applicable everywhere where precisely the fixtures may and may not be visible.

• Made in Holland •