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PoleLed in the news

RTV Utrecht:

DE RONDE VENEN – Officially you have to take the Dutch flag inside when it gets dark, but that’s  no longer the case in Mijdrecht. At the city hall of De Ronde Venen they use flag lighting now. Around the pole, below the Dutch tricolor, a ring was installed with twelve LED lights inside, making hoisting the flag everyday no longer necessary, according to the producers. The unit costs around 350 euros and lasts for 10 years. De Ronde Venen is only the third municipality using flag lighting. Wageningen and Coevorden were the front runners..



RTV Ronde Venen:

Mijdrecht – After the municipalities of Rotterdam, Coevorden, and Wageningen, De Ronde Venen is the fourth municipality in The Netherlands that obtained special flag lighting.

By installing a circular unit of LEDs in the flag pole the flag is always fully illuminated. The flag protocol is therefore no longer a limitation for hanging the official country flags day and night.

According to the producers the flag lighting is energy efficient and sustainable.

Door montage van een krans van LEDs in een cir­kel ron­dom de vlaggemast, staat de vlag altijd vol in het licht. Daardoor hoeft er geen geen rekening meer gehouden te worden met vlaggenprotocol en kunnen officiële landenvlaggen dag en nacht blijven hangen.