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Through the years, several PoleLed fixtures designed in-house. The “Basic” and “Extended” flag lighting fixtures went ahead in a series of waterproof, energy efficient and durable luminaires that eventually all clients were specifically developed. The Diluvio Amplio were designed and commissioned by an installer to explain to Rotterdam from City Hall with it. And with a customer-specific adaptation to an existing fixture in our range, the FrameLed, a fixture has been developed for the World Museum in Rotterdam. Commissioned by an existing client that has long been a major player in the sign and flagpole industry there is a flag designed lighting fixture for lighting from the base of the flagpole. A small list of our specialty “Custom” None of-the-shelf products, but designed and manufactured in-house. Will your next project our custom project?

Our team of specialists can help you to convert your ledverlichtings issue into a tangible product. Everything developed in the Netherlands with the quality as you expect for a piece of technology from the Netherlands.